The Bestow Life Insurance: A Comprehensive Guide

Bestow Life Insurance Review for 2022
Bestow Life Insurance Review for 2022 from

Life insurance is an important part of financial planning. It provides a safety net for your family in the event of your death, and can even be used as an investment vehicle. Bestow life insurance is one of the leading providers of life insurance in the United States and is renowned for its competitive prices and comprehensive coverage.

What Is Bestow Life Insurance?

Bestow Life Insurance is an online life insurance provider that offers term life insurance policies to customers. Bestow offers policies with coverage amounts ranging from $10,000 to $1 million with terms of 10, 15, 20, 25, or 30 years. Bestow policies are purchased online and can be set up with just a few clicks. Bestow also offers a simple and fast application process that can be completed in minutes.

Benefits of Bestow Life Insurance

Bestow life insurance offers several benefits to customers. Bestow offers competitively priced policies and allows customers to purchase life insurance coverage without having to go through a medical exam. Bestow also offers a streamlined application process and quick underwriting, which means customers can find out if they are approved for a policy in minutes. In addition, Bestow allows customers to make changes to their policies online, so they can adjust their coverage amounts and terms with ease.

Types of Bestow Life Insurance Policies

Bestow offers three types of life insurance policies: term life insurance, whole life insurance, and universal life insurance. Term life insurance policies are the most affordable, but they only provide coverage for a specific period of time. Whole life insurance policies provide coverage for your entire life, but they are more expensive than term life insurance policies. Universal life insurance policies are a combination of term and whole life insurance and provide coverage for your entire life. They also offer flexible premiums and cash values that can be used to pay premiums or access funds.

How to Apply for a Bestow Life Insurance Policy

Applying for a Bestow life insurance policy is quick and easy. Customers can visit the Bestow website and complete the simple application form. Bestow also offers a medical exam waiver, which allows customers to skip the medical exam and still purchase life insurance coverage. After the application is complete, customers will receive an instant decision, and the policy will be issued within days.

Bestow Life Insurance Rates

The cost of a Bestow life insurance policy depends on the type of policy and the coverage amount. Term life insurance policies are generally the most affordable, with rates starting at $10 per month for $10,000 of coverage. Whole life insurance policies are more expensive, with rates starting at $20 per month for $10,000 of coverage. Universal life insurance policies can range from $25 to $50 per month for $10,000 of coverage.

Bestow Life Insurance Claims

Bestow life insurance claims are handled quickly and efficiently. If a claim is approved, the beneficiary will receive the death benefit within one to two weeks. Bestow also offers a variety of other benefits, such as funeral expense coverage, accelerated death benefit coverage, and accidental death benefit coverage.


Bestow life insurance is a great option for anyone looking for life insurance coverage. Bestow offers competitively priced policies, easy application and underwriting processes, and fast and efficient claims processing. With Bestow, customers can get the life insurance coverage they need in just a few clicks.

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